Elevate your makeup game with our Bevel-shaped Drop-shaped / Peach Heart-shaped Beauty Blender – because your beauty deserves perfection.

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Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender

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Name: Bevel-shaped drop-shaped / peach heart-shaped puff
Material: hydrophilic non-latex
Size: 60 * 42mm
Color: yellow, purple, red, gray, pink,
Blue, burgundy, skin color, etc. (can be customized)
Advantages: It becomes larger in water, wet and dry, strong powder grasping, soft Q bomb

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Versatile Shape Options

Choose between the bevel-shaped drop or the adorable peach heart shape for versatile makeup application. Effortlessly reach every contour of your face, ensuring a flawless and airbrushed finish.

Customizable Colors

Express your personal style with a range of vibrant colors. From classic shades like yellow and pink to bold choices such as burgundy and blue, our beauty blender can be customized to suit your unique preferences.